Monday, August 24, 2009

Terry The Tiger - Week 5 Term 3

Hi People! It's me again, Terry!!! This week I went home with K.D.

On Friday, K.D. and I were on the computers, and K.D. was playing on Poptropica. On Saturday, it was really special because there was a soccer game between K.D.'s Team which is City and another team which I don't know. But all I know was that I was sitting on the Gear Bag and I was looking at K.D.'s Team chatting about how we're going to win!!! At the end of the Game, it was the most horrible time ever!! Because the score was 0 and about like 6 mill :( -_-"!!!

Soon, we went to a special place, it was K.D's grandmother's house!!! But before that we went to McDonald's!! K.D. had an Ice Age 3 combo and I just ordered patties!! And now we went to K.D.'s grandmother's house! I saw K.D's cousin which is B.Z.

On Sunday we went to a walkway, it took half an hour/30 minutes to get from the beginning to the finish!!! After, we went to Titirangi Beach!! There was a laminated swing (stuck together), a motorbike, a swing and a side car, but of course... THE SEASIDE VIEW!!!!!!!! But wait, we also went to Olympic park and K.D. got an apple juice!! And there was this big as red spider-web looking like thing that was about the same height as a Brachiosaurus :O!!

Sighs happily, "It was the best time yet that I've gone home with a student!" :D (K.D. also gave me a badge on my fishing coat! :)


  1. Hi Room 11
    I just looked at your Clustr Map and see you have nearly had 500 visitors to your blog already! Are you going to celebrate when you get to 1000? I really enjoy reading about Terry the Tiger's adventures on the weekend.

  2. wow what a cool blog room 11 it looks like Terry the Tiger has had amazing time. bye for now AW

  3. Wow,Terry it seems like you had lots fun with KD Terry watching soccer.

  4. Wow Terry, sounds like you have had a great time with KD.I also like Poptropica its awesome.Did someone say Mcdonalds and a Ice age combo yummy!!!