Monday, September 7, 2009

WOW! I had an awesome time with R.T. We went to the park and had alot of fun at the park. When we got back we played on the psp, it was fun. Then it was 6.30, time for diner we had pizza hut it was yum! Then it was 7.00 time for bed good night.
From R.T


  1. Well, well well, it sounds like you had a terrific time with R.T. Terry! How was your day at the park? And Holy Moly, R.T. even has a PSP! What games did it have? Did it have Naruto: 3 Foot Ninja? Did it have Agent Clank saves Ratchet? And does it have TMNT? Now, anyway, back to the story. How was the Pizza that you guys ate? I hope it was "Seafood!" KD

  2. Hi room11
    I didnt know that you had so many people visiting your blog because by on our blog people visitng from New Zeland has only been 166 people. MP r4

  3. Hi room11
    I realy liked your cute tiger and I realy liked your clock with the gold fish going
    around.AF r4