Monday, August 24, 2009

Terry The Tiger - Week 5 Term 3

Hi People! It's me again, Terry!!! This week I went home with K.D.

On Friday, K.D. and I were on the computers, and K.D. was playing on Poptropica. On Saturday, it was really special because there was a soccer game between K.D.'s Team which is City and another team which I don't know. But all I know was that I was sitting on the Gear Bag and I was looking at K.D.'s Team chatting about how we're going to win!!! At the end of the Game, it was the most horrible time ever!! Because the score was 0 and about like 6 mill :( -_-"!!!

Soon, we went to a special place, it was K.D's grandmother's house!!! But before that we went to McDonald's!! K.D. had an Ice Age 3 combo and I just ordered patties!! And now we went to K.D.'s grandmother's house! I saw K.D's cousin which is B.Z.

On Sunday we went to a walkway, it took half an hour/30 minutes to get from the beginning to the finish!!! After, we went to Titirangi Beach!! There was a laminated swing (stuck together), a motorbike, a swing and a side car, but of course... THE SEASIDE VIEW!!!!!!!! But wait, we also went to Olympic park and K.D. got an apple juice!! And there was this big as red spider-web looking like thing that was about the same height as a Brachiosaurus :O!!

Sighs happily, "It was the best time yet that I've gone home with a student!" :D (K.D. also gave me a badge on my fishing coat! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 4 Term 3

To Earth

In the weekend I made friends with Stingy and Starry. AD made chicken sushi with me and it was yummy.

This is how to make sushi:

1 cup of rice
1 seaweed mat
Slice of chicken and a pot

1. Put the rice in the pot and cook the rice.
2. Cook the chicken in the pot.
3.Put the seaweed on the table.
4.Spread the rice on the seaweed.
5.Roll the seaweed, rice and the chicken togther.
6.Chop it up in to slices.

Thank you for reading this.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

History of Howick

This term Pod 3 have been learning about the history of Howick around the 1840's. We have taken some photos of places around Howick named after the Fencibles. If you can think of any other places let us know!

SF and JG

Terry the Tiger - Week 3 Term 3

L.M took me home because of his super reading.
At L.M's house I meet some of L.M's teddy's Lamby'Power and Professor Mumbles.
Soon, after that we had dinner. We had beef with veggies ,yum!
The next day I played duck duck goose with Lamby, Power, L.M, and Professor Mumbles was busy making a time machine. As we went to bed, we sneaked back to the T.V and stayed up all night.
On Sunday I had a chat with Professor Mumbles ...
I asked "what was your best invention?" And Professor Mumbles said "My Hover Car."

I had lots fun with L.M.

LF's Blog on Christmas

Hi My Name Is LF And I Love Christmas Because I Get Lots! And Lots! Of Presents Wow! How Cool Is That. And I Love Ne-Yo's Album. I'm Going To Make A WordLe About What I Like

Monday, August 3, 2009

Room 11's Memories

As part of our "Now and Then" inquiry unit, we read the book Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox. We discussed what memories mean to us and then brainstormed these. Do you have a special memory that you would like to share?

Terry The Tiger - Term 3 Week 2

Hi it's Terry here. I had lots of fun with R.L.

We went to the Zoo and saw another kind of me!

We had hot chips and all the birds wanted them so we gave them some of the chips.We went to see lots of fuzzy bunnies and some of them were very big and fat.Two of the sealions had a fight while the other one was swimming in circles! After we saw all the animals we went to a shop and R.L brought a toy Yorkie. Do you know what breed a Yorkie is? When we left I thought we were going back to R's house but instead we went to pick up R.L's brother from work.

Well thats all. Bye for now Terry!!!