Monday, August 3, 2009

Terry The Tiger - Term 3 Week 2

Hi it's Terry here. I had lots of fun with R.L.

We went to the Zoo and saw another kind of me!

We had hot chips and all the birds wanted them so we gave them some of the chips.We went to see lots of fuzzy bunnies and some of them were very big and fat.Two of the sealions had a fight while the other one was swimming in circles! After we saw all the animals we went to a shop and R.L brought a toy Yorkie. Do you know what breed a Yorkie is? When we left I thought we were going back to R's house but instead we went to pick up R.L's brother from work.

Well thats all. Bye for now Terry!!!

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  1. Wow Terry, another of you sounds cool (I know it's a tiger). Did the HOT CHIPS taste good? And the birds, well, what kind of birds were they? Did the seals feel funny when you lookded at them? Anyway, where does R.L's brother work? KD