Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Star is Born

An interview with our star...

Where did get your trumpet from and how much did it cost?
I bought my trumpet from my music teacher and it cost more than $500.00.

What is your favourite song to play on the trumpet? My favourite song is Southen Folk Rapsody

Why did you decide to learn to play the trumpet when there are so many other cool instruments that you could play?

I thought the trumpet would be fun because I had seen some people playing it on tv.

Do you want to be famous for playing the trumpet?

Yes because I would like to win some trophies.

Do you like playing your trumpet in concerts?

Yes I really like playing the trumpet in concerts because lots of people come to watch us and we can get some money when we put out a bucket.

Interview by KH and LF

Monday, November 23, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Term 4 Week 7

In the weekend I stayed with GB. We went to the Gala and we won a Snapper Hand made of slime, I found it a bit gross but GB didn't mind.

When we got home we had Sushi, GB and her mum made my favourite kind which is called Salmon and avocado. After dinner I went to bed after a very busy day while GB stayed up to watch TV.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Term 4 Week 6

Me and INB made a go cart for me. I went down my skateboard ramp in the go cart. Me and INB drew me and him. This is the interesting bit a ninja came out of nowhere and I fell out of a tree and fell onto the ninja's head.

I went to drama I think INB did well! He was very well behaved. Igot to be with some wwe wrestlers and we vs some other wrestlers me and my frends CM punk & Edge. Edge is the one on the left CM punk was on the right. We ate ice cream and I said "Cookies 'n' Cream is my favourite" "Well you're in luck Terry"and we ate in joy. INB drew me and himself and we woke up and we went to school. I saw KD one of my best friends!



On Tuesday the 17 of November half of our class went to KIDS FOR KIDS CHOIR, with Suzanne Prentice. My two favourite songs were My favourite Things and The Banana Boat Song. My mum, brother and dad were sitting in the forth row and I was sitting by AW and RL. KIDS FOR KIDS was really fun and Suzanne reseved an award!!!
Here are some cool photos of KIDS FOR KIDS!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Diabetes Week and I'm The Man

Hi, I am the man you want to speak to and that's because I have got Type 1 Diabetes. I was only 4 years old and I used to keep drinking lots of water until my Mum took me to the doctor and they did a blood test and I was 24.6 and I should have only been 7.0, so off I went to hospital for a week and then it all started and here I am ....

I think it is really cool to have a Diabetes week because it makes us feel special when we have had a hard year with our diabetes. Last Saturday my family and I went to Auckland Zoo with lots of other kids that have diabetes, it was really mean cause I gots lots off free stuff.

I hope you like the Diabetes Rap song I found on youtube it tells you lots about Diabetes.


It's Our Gala Countdown....

5 more sleeps to go until our School Gala Day on Sunday 22nd November. This week room 11 are busy making yummy sweets to sell at our sweet stall. We have been busy bringing in lots of different items to help support our school. We thought of making chocolate fudge, toffee, coconut ice, can you think of any other sweets we could make?