Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 4 Term 3

To Earth

In the weekend I made friends with Stingy and Starry. AD made chicken sushi with me and it was yummy.

This is how to make sushi:

1 cup of rice
1 seaweed mat
Slice of chicken and a pot

1. Put the rice in the pot and cook the rice.
2. Cook the chicken in the pot.
3.Put the seaweed on the table.
4.Spread the rice on the seaweed.
5.Roll the seaweed, rice and the chicken togther.
6.Chop it up in to slices.

Thank you for reading this.


  1. Hi there Terry the Tiger,
    I see you've made sushi which is great because I love sushi. Thanks to this recipe I can make my own sushi if its okay with my mum. I wonder, maybe if I get up to it I could ask my teacher if we can make sushi or anything else delicious!! Anyway I'd like to see more of this yummy writing!!


  2. How could you Terry? I love sushi, especially Tuna Sushi! Anyway, thanks for the ingredients on how to make Sushi! I would of never known how to make "Yummy Sushi! :)" The best part about sushi is the wrapping and the rice to me because I'm Chinese! And that's why I like Sushi! KD

  3. Wow AD and Terry sounds like you had great fun making sushi. But please next time could you save some for me?