Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 3 Term 3

L.M took me home because of his super reading.
At L.M's house I meet some of L.M's teddy's Lamby'Power and Professor Mumbles.
Soon, after that we had dinner. We had beef with veggies ,yum!
The next day I played duck duck goose with Lamby, Power, L.M, and Professor Mumbles was busy making a time machine. As we went to bed, we sneaked back to the T.V and stayed up all night.
On Sunday I had a chat with Professor Mumbles ...
I asked "what was your best invention?" And Professor Mumbles said "My Hover Car."

I had lots fun with L.M.


  1. WOW terry did you have great time eating beef and veggies


  2. You must have done really good reading LM to be allowed to take Terry home! It sounds like you both had a great time!

  3. Holy Cow! Terry, you are getting really busy every week! So, is Professor. Mumbles a real guy, or just one of L.M.'s Dolls? OK, The coolest question is... DID YOU GET TO RIDE ON THE HOVER CAR?

  4. Wow Terry, sounds like you had an awesome time at LM's house.And I hear that you have some new friends Lamby Power and Professer Mumbles!


  5. Wow looks like you had a grate time. Did profser mumbles complte the time mathine?