Monday, June 8, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 6 LF

Hi everyone,

This weekend I went home with LF and I slept the night in L's bed. On Saturday L and I played with his sister and her snappy dolls it was real fun. I stayed up real late on Saturday night and we watched the National Bank Country Calendar and for dinner we had fish & chips. LF had a hot dog with some chips. We went to Sylvia Park to pick up LF's dad and we went to a cafe called West-Coast. Then we went to Farmers and CD & DVD Store. On Sunday when it was dinner time LF's nan came over and we all had lamb racks with gravy on the top, potatoes and kumara. LF's mum made all that dinner for the whole family and everyone said that it was a lovely dinner.


  1. Wow it sounds like LF and Terry had an awesome weekend. That lamb dinner sounds delicious I am feeling very hungry after reading your diary entry!
    Ms F

  2. It sounds like you had lots of fun with Terry over the weekend don't eat too many lamb racks, save some for us!!!

  3. what a yummy dinner you hade terry and L.F you would of had a fun time

    from B.S


  4. this looks fun. you are so lucky getting terry the tiger that sounds yum thatlamb racks can i have some? from l.b

  5. hi L.F and terry looks like a yummy dinner hope i can come over for some lamb