Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adding Comments to Blogs

Hi everyone

It's Mrs P here, thank you so much for reading our blogs and adding your interesting ideas and comments.

Can you please make sure that when you comment on our blogsites that you use capital letters and you check your spelling is correct.

Oh by the way don't forget to add your initials and what room you are from.

Mrs P
Room 11


  1. Kia ora everyone, I'm BC.

    My sister MC is my reading buddy. I read to her every night before she goes to sleep. It is my special job. My dad sometimes gives me a special treat if I read a book very well.

    On the weekend I went to Ambury Park for TR's going away party. I played the tamborine in the band with my dad. It was great fun, except for my dad's bongo drum playing and singing. He cannot play very good!

    It was too dark to see the new calf called Merkel, but this weekend I might go over and feed him.

    see ya later alligator


  2. Hi everyone

    JR here saying that next time invite me for some lamb chops

  3. Hi

    JR here again. I will be doing soccer training tonight ready for my home game this Saturday. Next week I have a Judo tournament and I hope to win a medal like last year. JR

  4. HI

    JR here again. On Tuesday me and my mum went to pick up my nephew LR from nursery. He likes to play with my kittens Spicey and Michael but I dont like him to as they dont like it and I get angry with him - he can be a real pain sometimes JR

  5. JR here my sister Sara made me angry today as we had a race to the computer and she got there first this wasnt fair as I had to do my homework and she was just wanting to go onto BEBO although she said she had to do her homework to - but I dont believe her do you? JR

  6. Thanks Mrs P for the tip and I do hope everyone else is going to us (C)apital letters and full stops(.).
    Oh and I almost forgot thanks for letting me know about my intials.(sometimes I forget that)


  7. Thanks very much for visiting our class blog Room 11 kids. We love reading your comments and have been working out who is who from your initials. Ms F

  8. Great comment JG not one spelling mistake, just remember to add you class number too, is quite tricky to work out who is commenting otherwise.

    We have really enjoyed visiting your classes blog Ms F, we will be experts by the end of the year.

    Watch how our comments will improve as we get better!!! Mrs P :)

  9. Hi I'm Jk
    In the weekend I had lots of fun. I went to my friends house and I played some games in there. They have two cats andm three bunnys.
    From Jk room 11

  10. Hi
    That's a great idea to tell everyone to use capital letters and fullstops. Also we need to put our initials and room number unless we aren't at school anymore!!!!!

    SF Room11

  11. Hi mrs p I am DJL. In mathletics I got a one silver. I nerly got my 2nd silver.
    From DJL room11

  12. Well done to RT who was 77th in the whole of New Zealand on Sunday in Mathletics!!!!

    Wowee Room 11 - you certainly have got lots of fabulous things going on in there!


  13. COOL,I think its marvellous room11,you rock!!!!

    IP Rm15

  14. Coolroom11 I think your blog is awsome.
    ROOM 15

  15. Thanks for the reminder Mrs P, it helped alot to not do bad stuff or get spellimg mistakes, I really liked your advice, I hope I could do something like that! Like, I really liked teh advice!!!! KD