Friday, May 29, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 5

Hi it's me Terry I'm back in action!! This weekend I went to AW's placeand ate some ...fruit (yum yum ) then I ate dinner. AW


  1. Really Terry every time I read one of the diary entries from the children in your class you have been busy eating! I hope you're remembering to get lots of exercise too. It's nice to see you eating fruit too, good boy.

    Ms F

  2. awesome slide show!rb

  3. the fruit must of been yum Terry The Tiger! AM Rm 15

  4. Awesome slide show AW and Terry it must of been lots of hard work to make that you must of put a lot of effort into it. How many pieces of fruit did Terry eat?

    SF Room11

  5. Did you do any other fun things?

    AD room11