Monday, June 8, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 6 JG

Hi everyone,

This time I went home with JG it was cool fun. I got to eat meat with gravy on top for dinner (J's mum is a great cook). The funny thing is the cat called Harry dragged me around the whole house and there was teddy's as well as the cat some of their names was Mr Snaggles and Killer. We got to watch Star Wars the Clone Wars, Code name kids next door.


  1. Wow Terry,what an amazing adventure you had!B.H. Room 12

  2. wow it sounds like you had an awesome time with terry!

  3. Sounds like Terry got to have lots of fun!
    MC RM15

  4. Wow i like clone wars as well!
    CA room15

  5. I think he wold of had a nice dinner. BO Room 15

  6. Wow
    Sounds like Terry and JG had a great time together watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and CNKND ( Code Name Kids Next Door )
    I hope you have a great time with the next person you go with Terry. Also you are lucky to get Terry JG!!!!

    SF Room11