Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's Happening in Room 11 This Term??

At the end of last term we took everything off our walls and covered them in black material. We had some post stick notes and wrote our ideas about what we are going to learn in term 4. Here is a wordle brainstorm of our ideas. If you have any others let us know...


  1. Hey, I like all the Topics/Ideas you guys have put on! I think your topic is going to be... SPACE! And... STARS! But others, nobody voted! It's like only 1 person published it, and nobody voted for it because it's sooooo small. But Laptops and Spiders are soooo close! But, oh well. KD

  2. wOW I never knew we would have such a great topic like we do now. I love our topic on space its fun.RT

  3. I did not know that space could be so intersting. Did you know that pluto is a dwarf plant....