Friday, July 3, 2009

A Holiday Treat

During the term we have been learning how to write instructions. Here are some instructions for a heathy hedgehog snack. Listen closely for the bossy verbs, can you hear these?

G.B, K.D and R.T


  1. Are these the bossy verbs? Chop, slice, stab, poke! I really like the way you can hear your lovely, loud voices in the photostory. I will use these instructions the next time I need to make quick a healthy snack. Thanks!

  2. Nice going KD, GB and RT, I really liked the healthy hedgehog snack during the holidays! It was a great snack especially when you are realy thirsty! My sister ate most of the cheese and I ate the pineapple and the orange!


  3. I like it!!!
    That is a very healthy snack to eat and like TH said it would be a very good snack after school. ZR