Friday, May 29, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Week 4

Hello it's me again Terry!!!

I have just had a brilliant time at SF's house and I met her dog Marley. I had a lovely rest on him but he woke up and knocked me off. I had to keep out of Marley's reach or else I would have to say " Bye bye " Well me and SF had a great time mucking round on the computer!!!!! But her brother MF had strange computer games like "Need for speed most wanted" that was the worst game in the history of games!!!!!!! Well I hope you enjoy reading other posts by me as much as I enjoyed doing them!!!!!!!


  1. Oh woops SF I forgot to say that's so neat that you added a photo to your posting. Very impressive! Ms F again!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you had a great time with SF at her house didn't you! Well, did you get a really good rest on Marley? Did she or he save you from if you had a nightmare? Well Terry, see you later! KD

  3. wow what sort of computer games did you play with terry?

  4. hi terry what a great time you had at Sophie's place!!

    From NB

  5. Wow looks like you and Terry had a wonderful time!
    What computer games did you play?


  6. Lucky Terry was out of Marley's reach. Where did Terry sleep?


  7. You must of had a good sleep on the dog!
    CM room15

  8. Wow! How fun. Did Terry had.I love the part that Terry had sat on Marley's back. IC Rm 15

  9. I played lots of different games on the computer with SF.
    I slept next to S's bed.
    Yes, I had a BRILLIANT sleep on Marley but only when he didn't know l was there

  10. Hi SF

    I have just noticed your's is the only posting on your blog with different coloured text! Maybe you can show some of the other children in your class how to change their writing to their favourite colour? You must be a pretty clever ICT person!
    Ms F Room 8