Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terry the Tiger - Term 4 Week 6

Me and INB made a go cart for me. I went down my skateboard ramp in the go cart. Me and INB drew me and him. This is the interesting bit a ninja came out of nowhere and I fell out of a tree and fell onto the ninja's head.

I went to drama I think INB did well! He was very well behaved. Igot to be with some wwe wrestlers and we vs some other wrestlers me and my frends CM punk & Edge. Edge is the one on the left CM punk was on the right. We ate ice cream and I said "Cookies 'n' Cream is my favourite" "Well you're in luck Terry"and we ate in joy. INB drew me and himself and we woke up and we went to school. I saw KD one of my best friends!


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