Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Diabetes Week and I'm The Man

Hi, I am the man you want to speak to and that's because I have got Type 1 Diabetes. I was only 4 years old and I used to keep drinking lots of water until my Mum took me to the doctor and they did a blood test and I was 24.6 and I should have only been 7.0, so off I went to hospital for a week and then it all started and here I am ....

I think it is really cool to have a Diabetes week because it makes us feel special when we have had a hard year with our diabetes. Last Saturday my family and I went to Auckland Zoo with lots of other kids that have diabetes, it was really mean cause I gots lots off free stuff.

I hope you like the Diabetes Rap song I found on youtube it tells you lots about Diabetes.



  1. Thanks INB! I have Type 1 diabetes too. It's tough having diabetes isn't it.

  2. Cool Rap INB! I think you and KO do a fantastic job coping with diabetes. You are the man!!

  3. Hi INB
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and listening to the diabetes rap. You sound like a cool kid.

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  5. ha room11 I hope you enjoyed the diabetic rap I put on for you.I won't be able to eat to many sweets at the gala because i might go hi

  6. Hi INB,

    Liked your rap posting. By the way, Doctor wouldn't believe that you sick when I took you to the doctor and when I insisted he test you, you were over 33.3 - which goes to show that Mum is always right.

    From your Mean Mum.

  7. Well done INB it's great to see you being so positive about coping with your diabetes. You rock! I really thought that rap was fun. It's good to get information in a fun way. I think you must have to be very responsible if you have diabetes. Thanks for putting on this posting to share with other people.

  8. Hi INB think that you have a great blog that you share with your class.from CN