Monday, April 20, 2009

Terry Tiger's Diary

Introducing ... "Terry" our friendly tiger. Read what Terry does, as each weekend he heads off home with one of room 11's wonderful hardworking kids. These holidays he spent them with Mrs P - what did they do??


  1. Well Mrs P and Room 11 I would love to see a photo of Terry the tiger as I don't know what he looks like! Room 8 have a cat too but he's not a big cat! He's called Whiskers and he goes home with a different person in Room 8 each night and they write a diary about what they get up to. Maybe we'll let Whiskers have a read of Terry's diary on your blog and see what he thinks. I think the Room 8 children will be excited to read about Terry's adventures too. Looking forward to reading some of your stuff - get busy typing.

  2. Well done Mrs P your photostory is great! I liked your choice of music and you used loads of cool transitions, I especially liked the star! Looks like Terry had a lot of fun and learned some interesting things too!

    Ms F Room 8

  3. terry i hope you had a good time with mrs P fromjw